Legal Record Services

If you need a price quote for your clients, please email your request below and I will give you a response as quickly as possible. If it is something that needs to be done right away, call or text me at (713) 202-4222 and I will let you know if I can do it.

I notarize records affidavits and deposition questions, pick up and ship patient records, and deliver subpoenas for records to healthcare facilities and other businesses. I have a number clients for whom I have provided this service for five years or more and am familiar with most medical facilities in the Houston area.

It’s best to check with me first, but in general, my base fee for most of Houston is $50 plus a shipping fee of $7.50, or you can email a shipping label. For security and dependability, I only ship with services that can track your packages. Regular mail gets regularly lost!

I usually need a few days to complete the assignment and prefer to schedule with the records custodian myself if possible.