Mortgage and Loan Signings

Nationwide and Local Title Companies, Signing Services, Attorneys, Lenders and Other Businesses

I enter a transaction at the end (or almost the end) of what is often a long and tedious process for refinancing a mortgage or buying/selling a home, building or business. As much of this is done online or by phone, I am often the only person your signers will actually meet, and they are usually quite ready to be done.

My job as your signing agent is to get your documents executed with courtesy and respect to your signers and to make this last event go as quickly and smoothly as possible. I have a background in title and legal and have closed well over 40,000 loans of all kinds. My closings are most often described as “painless.”

If you have first-time buyers, I know how to put them at ease, and if you have difficult signers, I don’t scare easily. Usually they are looking for competency and confidence and I will give them both.

To inquire about an upcoming signing or closing, please send an email below and I will answer as quickly as possible. If you need information right away or the assignment is for today, call or text me at (713) 202-4222.